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 Ness 64

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Journal last updated: Friday, March 19th 2021 at 4:13 AM
Notes on finding good mons for the Tower/Subway

- Cut the useless attack IV. If it uses physical attacks, cut the Sp. Atk IV from the total. If it uses special attacks, cut the Attack IV. The effective max IV total is 155 (all 5 31s), not 186 (all 6 31s). See how high your new IV total is considering this.
- On slow/tanky mons, you could cut the Speed IV too; it only matters for outspeeding other slow mons anyway. In these cases, the effective max IV total is 124 (4 31s).
- Try to get 31 IVs (or at least in the mid/high 20s) in the good stats, and 16+ in most of the rest (so, just above average or higher). This isn't easy, but very high IV totals are not necessary to achieve this. It's all about the distribution.
- As for natures, avoid -Def or -SpDef natures, unless your IV total is high enough to compensate. And even then, act as if you have a very low IV on that stat (stat calcs may prove this, and your team should see this as a flaw). Go for -Atk or -SpAtk natures (whatever you won't use), ideally boosting the best stat. -Speed natures on slow mons works too.

Total IV Thresholds

These are loosely based on the real games's Judge (IV Checker) NPCs:
- 75- (out of 155) | 60- (out of 124): Bad. Don't bother with this. Keep looking;
- 76-100 (out of 155) | 61-80 (out of 124): Below average to mediocre. You may have success with it if it's towards the higher end of this scale (and it got a good nature), but always replace it for a better one ASAP;
- 101-125 (out of 155) | 81-100 (out of 124): As long as the nature is good, it's usable. The higher end of this scale (108~114+, or 86~91+) is probably good, and good candidates for vitamins;
- 126+ (out of 155) | 101+ (out of 124): Very hard to obtain, but likely to be great. Towards the higher end of this, a subpar nature may not even affect this mon too much, but it depends a lot and obviously you don't want that.

PM me if you want a battle or help on teambuilding!
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