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 Neo Qwerty

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Journal last updated: Tuesday, June 6th 2017 at 9:58 AM
Go check out Buizie! They are the owner of Pinkie's sister Miracle, who is a Shiny Easter Lopunny!
Also be sure to look at Derpy Hooves too! They helped me get my Valentacruel and Future Shuppet!

Latest News
Releasing Mega Pokemon to the Shelter whenever I have the items to trigger their transformations! I release these by the box: Aerodactyls, Slowbros, Medichams, Abomasnows. I can also release Mewtwo Xes, but those are, uh... Pretty rare to get to begin with.

Currently Breeding
Various novelties and some Mareep!

Friending Matters:
I don't really have room for many people on my Pal Pad, but I click anyone who adds me, guaranteed! The mobile site lets me click those who add me to theirs, and I always click both my Pal Pad, and those who Pad Padded me daily, if not more when you rotate out your party.

So this is how my "battle" with Kyurem went. Go in with my level 70 female Archeops in lead, expecting to be owned. Open with a Rock Slide that knocks Kyurem to orange HP, close to red, Archeops evades Kyurem's attack. So next turn I throw my first Dusk Ball, expecting to have to use all 12... Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. Click!

I caught Kyurem in a matter of seconds.

Pokemon I Want
-Sheared Mareep (time to hatch Mareeps)
-Chocolate Miltank (...and Miltanks)
-Mega Scizor
-Mega Charizard X
-Shiny rash male Seedot (Feeny)
-shiny zangoose (zang/zer pair)
-shiny nidorans (descendants of king/queen)
-male calm Natu (Navajo Joe)
-shiny cacnea (born/hatched on oct. 31)
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