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Journal last updated: Thursday, October 21st 2010 at 3:37 AM
Status: Online | Idle | Offline

Clicking Policy:

Hi everyone, I'm back from my hiatus for awhile. :) I do full party clicks/clickbacks, please try to do the same for me! Thanks!

I'm pretty much an avid full party clicker, the only times I do one clicks is if I see a poke' in your signature in the forums and I check it out. While I'm on its page, I'll decide to feed/warm it. Hope it doesn't offend anyone! I'm lazy with clicks otherwise so, once I'm done for the day I'm done unless its return clicks. (Which, even if I'm not seeking others online, I ALWAYS return clicks if I see them) And if you didn't get full party from me, you must've had eggs ready to hatch or moved them to storage when I got to the tab!

One clickers, yeah, I'll click you back. If I think maybe it was a forum thing cause you say you return clicks on your profile, I'll do your whole party! :3 (Also for those who say they do one clicks, sometimes I'll do full in the hope you'll do the rest of mine. ;A;)

However...the only thing that DOES upset me with clickers, is the people who only click the number of eggs they themselves have in their party. (Example, only clicking 3 of my eggs because their party has 3). Eff that. If you want a full party, I think you should do my full party. For people who do that, I'll still click your full party. It annoys me, but yeah I won't be a jerk and not click you back because of it. :/

Current goals:

º Get a shiny Eevee to make a shiny Umbreon
º Get shiny Minun
º Get a male Easter Buneary

Completed goals:

º Hatched first Eevee; Jolteon
º First legendary; Articuno
º First red chest! 9/1
º First shiny! Poochyena omigawd :D 9/17
º Get a Mew

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