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 Natasha Romanoff

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 29th 2015 at 9:30 PM
Well ... this is awkward

I first started playing with these little 'mons back in Budapest, which was a very long time ago. Apparently, Clint and I have "very different" recollections of what happened during that assignment...

I came to this site as a way to procrastinate from SHIELD work. I always pretend to be typing away furiously trying to hack into some super secure network, but in reality I am just mass clicking. Unlike that agent playing Galaga, I still haven't managed to get caught ... yet. I have had a few close calls though, with one of the more recent ones being when Cap walked in on my mass-clicking session. I totally lied to poor Steve and told him I was under separate orders from Director Fury, blah blah blah, and seeing as Steve was still waaaay behind on modern pop culture references, he totally bought it, lol. Although, afterwards during the mission debriefing I had a super awkward conversation with Fury, and I can now see why he didn't trust me enough to tell me about his faked death. :c

As for keeping my pokemon obsession a secret from the other members of our Avengers team, the only other two who would sort of understand are Dr. Banner and Tony Stark, seeing as they used to be active on this very site. However, Bruce has been keeping an extremely low profile these days and Stark hasn't logged in since that whole Extremis Showdown. You know, between you and me, I'm kind of worried about that guy. He's been a hermit ever since his failed Ultron experiment, and after a pretty terrible falling out with Steve he seems to be couped up in his office all the time drafting some new legislation about enhanced powers and registration...

I hope and pray every evening that Clint never ever ever finds out about my pokemon obsession. If he ever does, I'd never hear the end of it...


Also, I'm on IRC sometimes. I go by Natasha_Romanoff. Feel free to swing by and chat just please PLEASE PLEASE don't tell Director Fury.
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