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Nameless666's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, January 28th 2020 at 1:50 AM
I've been on almost daily since I started. Add me and I'll be sure to click you! I'll add you back if I have room (no room atm)

[on hiatus, started grad school]

Got SN! Feel free to remove me if you wish!

I'm a bit of a completionist, working on achievements/pokedex right now.

I turn shelter pokemon into megas/primals!
Abomasnow, Blaziken, Glalie, Groudon, Mawile, Mewtwo X, Pidgeot, Steelix, Swampert

PM me if you would like one of these (non-legend) specifically and I can try to release a bunch at one time!

Trinkets: 2988/4169
Highest rank: 224


Mass clicking:
-When not trying for proper berries (please do proper berries for exploration pokemon), four fingers on whichever keys 1-4 (or whichever keys 1-5 are most comfortable for you) and thumb on space bar works well!

Proper Berries:
-The order of the berries can be set to a standard order so you immediately know which number to press
Skins & Settings > Settings > Main Settings > Randomized berry order: No
1000% faster, can have one finger on each key 1-5 (or 4 fingers to avoid discomfort)

Other settings:
-You can auto-use Silph Scope & unmask trinkets you don't own (if you wish to see group/rarity/affinity).

Battle Tower:
-Write down what teams the trainers have so if you lose you have an easier time selecting the perfect pokemon to beat them (js: I. L. Children team varies). Write down what moves/items they have and if they unexpectedly outsped you as well, if you wish. When you beat them, consider writing down what team you used so you can use the same team next time.

-Megas, Arceus, Ash Greninja, and Ancients have higher base stat totals than others.

-Get the Cypress achievements for some choice items!

-Remember: on GPX+, Poison is SE against Bug and Normal is SE against Ghost!

Dex entries needed that I currently lack access to:
-Bunch of Unown, Arceus, Megas
-Reshiram, Terrakion, Diancie, Tapu Fini/Lele, Necrozma
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Skitty on Wailord (Aug 28/19)
An All Night Thing (Sep 1/19)
Speed Reader (Sep 1/19)
Box of Bliss (Aug 29/19)
Safari Warden (Aug 31/19)
Happy Ending (Aug 31/19)
Youngster Joey (Aug 31/19)
Glitch City (Aug 31/19)
A Sticky Situation (Aug 27/19)
Got Milk? (Aug 27/19)
You've Got Crabs! (Aug 27/19)
Feed a Country (Sep 5/19)
Darwinist (Sep 20/19)
Elite Clicker (Aug 29/19)
What's In The Box? (Aug 28/19)

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