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Journal last updated: Tuesday, May 31st 2011 at 7:52 PM

One clicks, especially during multipliers, are completely unintentional. I click what pops up. Accidents happen.
Don't trust the Pokéball ;)
Please forgive me if I miss any of your Party. Stuff happens.
I love this new users list!
If I miss any of your party, click me. Chances are, if I'm on, I'll click you :)
There is no spoon.

About Me
Formerly known as: flautist93 and TheEmptiness
I'm an hour behind the server time.
I play the flute.
I adore Alesana.
I'm an extreme bookaholic/anime & manga nerd.
Currently Playing: Platinum, HeartGold, Pearl
I'm a Shelter Stalker ;P
I operate on Chrome Firefox :)
The Clicking Coalition
The 1/6 League
The Berry Smart Group

*Fill Dex :)
*Future Shiny Hunts: Zorua, Feebas, Vulpix, Starters(x3), Lapras, Eevee (x7), Shinx, Jigglypuff

The cake. It is a lie.

Kyogre - Blue orb
Groudon - Red orb
Fake Groudon - Red orb + Corruption Orb
Rayquaza - Green orb
Latias - Soul dew
Latios - Soul dew
Ho-oh - Rainbow wing
Lugia - Silver wing
Shadow Lugia - Silver wing + Corruption Orb
Shaymin - Gracidea flower
Giratina - Griseous orb
Origin Giratina - Griseous orb
Dialga(Need Egg)- Adamant orb
Primal Diagla - Adamant orb + Corruption Orb
Palkia - Lustrous orb
Cresselia - Lunar wing
Heatran - Magma rock
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