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    Journal last updated: Thursday, June 4th 2009 at 11:29 AM
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    I have decided to leave the site for awhile (actually maybe for a long time.) I'm not leaving because it's boring (if anything, this game is fun and addicting xD) Actually, I really don't have the time (and several other reasons...) to get on and click everyone whose eggs/Pokemon I want to click. So for the time being, I am leaving. Hopefully, I can come back again sometime in the future. I want to thank everyone who have clicked or returned clicks. I appreciate it very much. <3 (Honestly, I'm not trying to be dramatic xD)

    After debating, whether or not to keep the eggs/Pokemon I already have, I've decided to send them all to the shelter, sometime tomorrow (hmm...maybe I'm not clear enough...sometime on June 3rd around 3:00 PM central time). Yup, that's right, all of them ^_^. So be on the lookout for rare Pokemon such as Moltres (egg), Riolu (egg), and Zergoose.

    After I donate (abandon is such a harsh word xD) all eggs and Pokemon, I will return to click the eggs/Pokemon of the people in my Pal Pad and the Clicking Coalition. Of course you don't need to return the favor (obviously because there won't be anything to click! xD)

    Happy Hatching

    P.S If you added me on your Pal Pad, go ahead and delete me to make space for someone else.

    P.P.S My sister might be joining GPXPlus. We'll see how that goes :P
    I've told her about the Clicking Coalition and some awesome people on my Pal Pad. Whether or not she adds them is her choice, I guess...
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