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Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 24th 2010 at 12:27 AM
After hiking in the Mt. Moon mountain range, you have noticed the strange green crystals that have been scattered about the hiking trails, are now starting to cluster closer and closer together like tiny plants. Ahead of you a gigantic rock formation that towers into the sky, spreading out like a beautiful green tree, yet glitters and glows like the crystals that makes it up.

Awed by it's beauty, you find yourself drawn to see this great formation even closer when-

'Hello young trainer....'

You look around for the source of the voice, but can't find anything until a pair of huge blue eyes appear in front of you, set in the sweet pink face of a legendary creature that has been said to be just a creature of myth. A Mew!

"Mew..." 'Hi there! Welcome to the Tree of Beginning, the origin of all life on earth. And a sanctuary for wild or abandoned pokemon, young and old. Your pure heart has allowed you to come here.' "Mew mew mewmew!"

The Mew swirls in midair, bouncing on a pink bubble and giggling cheerfully. Floating and playfully flouncing on it's bubble, the Mew leads you towards the crystalline tree. It leads you to a small room filled with many various colored eggs and newborn pokemon, along with some motherly pokemon moving about and helping the young pokemon and warming the eggs.

"Mew Mewmew Mew!" 'This is the hatchery and birthing section of the tree, a place where all mother pokemon can lay their eggs and have them in peace. Any abandoned eggs also comes here where we care for them. You're welcome to help warm them and feed some of the babies, we certainly need the help, there's been an influx of abandoned pokemon lately....Hopefully more humans will start adopting us instead of abandoning us...' "Mew mew! Mewmew mewmeeeew mew....."
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