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Journal last updated: Friday, January 16th 2015 at 9:06 PM
I'll be a bit less active, as school is beginning. Sorry about that! Okay well turns out school is horrible and this whole last couple weeks I haven't really been able to get on I'm so sorry! This might happen from time to time but I should be more active from now on.

To all who helped me with Social Network, thank you all so very much! I will be adding those who are working on SN back, now that I have room, but I feel like I need to return the favor somehow for all you who aren't working for it. So, if there's anything I can get you or help you with, PM me and I'll see what I can do. Feel free to take me off your Pal Pad now, and thanks again!

I put quotes in my shiny Pokemon's descriptions, so feel free to suggest one!

I will except shiny race requests, just message me!

Currently shiny hunting:
Eevee (560 eggs)
Zergoose Shiny Race (41 eggs)

Completed hunts :D
Chikorita SWSH (107 eggs) July 26th 2013
Bagon SWSH (176 eggs) September 23rd 2013
Houndour SWSH (124 eggs) January 19th 2014
Dodou SWSH (70 eggs) March 16th 2014
Beldum SWSH (95 eggs) May 31st 2014
Mudkip SWSH (41 eggs) July 29th 2014
Joltik (1,015 eggs) August 4th, 2014

First legendary: Manaphy (Lucky) (June 7th 2013)
First novelty: Winter Vulpix (June 1st 2013)
First shiny: Cyndaquil (Pyro) (May 31st 2013)

My first in game shiny is a Mime Jr I caught in diamond, 'cleverly' nicknamed SHINY!. I've grown up my whole life with Pokemon, so I know a lot about it I guess. My first game was either ruby, sapphire, emerald or silver, my first starter was probably a Torchic or a Cyndaquil. It was so long ago, I was so young, and I've restarted those games so many times I honestly don't remember.

My favorite...
Generation/region: 3rd/Heonn
Shiny: Metagross
Pokemon: Swellow
Legendary: Articuno
Starter: Cyndaquil
Type: Flying

dA: BewareoftheDarke
Tumblr: SonicNorthKorea
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