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Journal last updated: Monday, September 26th 2011 at 9:34 PM
I'm Myrtaus and I play several online games regularly (Wajas, Chickensmoothie, Grepolis to name a few). I'm female, a teenager, a flute player, a reader, a writer, and a cross-country runner. I have owned Pokemon Red and Emerald, and helped my brother with Diamond, Black, and White. I'm vegetarian. My dad committed suicide last September. In high school. 2 sibs. 191 Facebook friends. Life is confusing. Fave author is Tamora Pierce. I take fencing. I'm left handed. I've been to Germany, Austria, Iceland, England, Hungary, and the US (and others, but I don't count places I pass through on plane changes). Fave animal: Probably Budgerigar or African Gray parrot, but I love all animals. Current pets: Dog (Harry Potter), ferret (Nibbles or Daisy the Chipmunk), ferret (Porkchop or Vlad the Impaler) budgerigar (Budgiebers), budgerigar (unnamed). If you don't know what a budgerigar is, most Americans call them parakeets. We used to have cats, but the coyotes ate them. I do live in America. And yes, my thoughts are usually this jumbled.

[X] Hatch a shiny.
[ ] Social Network
[X] 10,000 interactions in one day
[X] Pokerus
[ ] That Burning Desire! (prize being 8 flame orbs. Last task 65k interactions... Hm. Rethink?)
[ ] 100 Achievements
[ ] Fill Pokedex

And that's enough goals for now. I'll update. Oh, yeah!
[ ] Godsend
A girl can dream, right???

I'm lonely. Add me to your pal pad to receive daily clicks and save me from my loneliness (and help me get Social Network). Message friendly!

I really hate chat speak. cuz i cnt reed it wen u rit liek dis!1!

Geometry is awesome! And my biology teacher is amazing. I love history, but the teacher is annoying. He likes me, though. English teacher is like a granny with pink converses. And PE is already giving me better arm strength/running speed (WOOT 18 minute run every day!!! Exacerbated Achilles tendon but I DON'T CARE!). LOVE YOU SALLY!
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