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    12,181/30,720 ~ 39%

    Egg phase: 2/6
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    Interactions: 200
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    27,883/30,720 ~ 90%

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    28,461/30,720 ~ 92%

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    4,291/5,120 ~ 83%

    Egg phase: 5/6
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    4,624/5,120 ~ 90%

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    16,906/30,720 ~ 55%

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Journal last updated: Sunday, April 17th 2016 at 3:45 PM
Random shiny hunting among other things (almost through with parts of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Dex)
Click Policy:
I more or less click everything throughout the day, so i'd appreciate it if you would do the same... not like you're losing out on anything by doing so...
Time Zone: GMT -5 (same time as server)
All time best daily interactions #: 97,849~

- Collect 1 egg of each basic egg from the lab
- Evolve all my lab pokemon
- Collect Unowns M, Y, O, and U
- Shiny: butterfree, ninetales, raichu, arcanine, starmie, weezing, kingdra, lapras, flareon, dragonite, meganium, jumpluff, lanturn, azumarill, miltank, mismagius, weavile, linoone, zangoose, delcatty, altaria, beautifly, corsola, absol, castform, milotic, luxray, glameow, rapidash, breloom, pidgeot, golduck, lucario, poliwrath, ampharos, liligant, audino, cofigrigus, swanna, whimsicott, liepard, musharnam, chandelure, unfezant, zoroark, reuniclus, vanilluxe, jellicent, amoonguss, klinklang, beartic, mienshao, braviary, (this may take a while...)
- Get an Arceus Egg (and complete the Godsend achievement)
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