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Journal last updated: Monday, March 4th 2013 at 11:30 PM
Welcome to my team, please click away and I'll reply in kind as quickly as possible.

6/1/10- Shiny Slime Slugma, GET! Guess my level of stoke-itude? If you guessed "A whole lot", you're right!

My independent studies have revealed that if someone has the name of a Disney character, they're more likely to click back in full than those without. Kingdom Hearts characters seem to be exceptions to this rule.

I ignore one-clickers in the hopes that they will learn to not be such a burden on society in the future.

Happy to talk if you want to PM or some such.

Lord of the ASB on Serebii and UPN forums.

10/24- I got a shiny Skarmory today! Everything's coming up Milhouse.

11/20- On my first day of summer break, I come on GPX to find that I've gotten my first ever event egg, as well as first ever non-Manaphy legend! Welcome to the team, Utero-Mew!
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