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    Journal last updated: Friday, January 21st 2011 at 1:04 PM
    Welcome to my page!
    Honored to meet you and waiting to interact with my Pokemon!
    You are welcome to click any number of my Pokemon. Anyway, I will click your full party.

    (if you didn't notice, i'm from Russia)

    I am taking a break from GPX. If anyone'd left me just one legend..
    I was joking. But anyway, this is sooo terrible T__T

    I'm currently a
    ||||~~~*#Part of the Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||
    (for details, go to Feign's page)

    Important note: I go to sleep when the server time is about 4-5 PM. That's because of 8-hour time difference. I don't guarantee clickbacks after that time, sorry.

    To certain people: Thanks for adding me to Pal Pad! Though I can't see you all, I really appreciate it. ^_^ I would have added you if Pal Pad was bigger.

    (11.07.2009) Easter Buneary!! Thanks to Almiraswolf who bred it.
    (11.07.2009) Thanks to Heracross, i now have 200 unique eggs.
    (12.07.2009) Now have all starters in my posession.
    (14.07.2009) Bought Amulet Coin
    (15.07.2009) No eggs remains except Ditto, Novelties and Legends.
    (18.07.2009) Wymsy's quick actions caught me off-guard.. I didn't get a Mewtwo ;(
    (23.07.2009) Sorry for not repaying the favors. I was busy.
    (25.07.2009) Hatched the first shiny. It's a Rotom.
    (27.07.2009) Sorry again for not repaying
    (28.07.2009) This is so idiotic.... T_T
    (07.08.2009) Got Cresselia
    (18.01.2011) Got Dialga, Palkia and Lugia in one day. That's awesome
    (19.01.2011) Got Kyogre with 2 Enigma Orbs
    (20.01.2011) Got Latias
    (21.01.2011) Got Ditto

    Important goals:

    Amulet Coin
    Lucky Egg

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