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Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 6th 2012 at 2:53 PM
There's a Rattata saying: there are very few problems that can't be solved by biting something.

The tail is the area of choice, but Sis didn't have one, and neither did that stupid guy from Johto. I settled for an exposed toe. Nigel gave a satisfying little yelp and finally looked away from the visions of the past they'd been gazing into.

"Oh. It's that Rattata of yours." He scritched me behind the ears. "You know, I never did believe you'd become a world-class trainer with her. Everybody catches one, but most people quit using them as soon as they get their hands on something else. The way you kept hanging onto that little rat even after I told you it was a stupid thing to do... I thought I was trying to tell you something important. Guess I was just mad I couldn't figure you out."

"So, what are you going to tell me now?" Sis stepped back. "Am I still supposed to be settling down as a Gym Leader or something?"

"It'd have to be with someone else. What, you thought I'd been sitting on my hands waiting for you to come back?" He grinned. "Not a chance. Nigel Silver, anti-organised crime specialist. That's who you're talking to now. Us turning up in the same town was just luck."

"I'm glad we did, though." Sis glanced back at the fading visions. "If you hadn't gone crashing into Ilex Forest, I never would have seen Celebi here. And those visions... I guess they kind of reminded me of something."

"We should be getting back." Nigel frowned. "How long have we been standing here? I've got a crick in my neck. Must be hours."

Sis picked me up. "Celebi, if you're still there... thanks for letting us see you. It's been an honour."

We walked out together. For some reason, it didn't look as dark as I'd expected. I'd thought it would be late at night by now, but the sky was barely shadowy.

A night guard from Goldenrod was waiting on the road. "Destination and purpose of tr..."

Travel, it was supposed to be. But the word sort of died away.

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