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 Mornington Crescent

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Points: 685,998
Pass Orbs: 558

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Prize Points: 145
Ranking: 3,292
Joined: Fri. Apr. 10/09
Last seen: Mon. May. 25/15 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United Kingdom
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    Mornington Crescent's Profile

    Journal last updated: Sunday, April 5th 2015 at 9:34 AM
    Hi, I'm Raine, welcome to my page!

    Achievement Goals:
    Master Clicker: Someday!

    General Goals:
    Complete Unown Collection [6/28]
    Dress up all my Pokémon [240/617]

    Shinies to Work Towards
    Venonat | Shellder | Voltorb | Sentret | Mareep | Hoppip | Yanma | Gligar
    Qwilfish | Sableye | Mawile | Electrike | Cacnea | Feebas | Spheal | Clamperl
    Shinx | Drifloon | Chatot | Spiritomb | Rotom | Woobat | Tympole | Ferroseed

    Shinies to Only Dream About
    Mew | Suicune | Lugia | Rayquaza | Dialga
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    Hoenn Champion (Sep 12/11)
    Legendary Collector (May 29/12)
    Master Explorer (Feb 10/12)
    Corporate GPXPlus (Jan 31/15)
    Happy Anniversary! (Apr 10/10)
    I Am Legend (Nov 25/11)
    Shine Master (Jul 22/11)
    Good Luck (Jan 2/13)
    Master Hatcher (May 8/11)
    Master Breeder (Jun 24/11)
    Master Trainer (Nov 8/12)
    Master Feeder (Jul 10/11)
    Master Summoner (Jun 24/11)

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