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Journal last updated: Thursday, July 21st 2011 at 1:41 PM

RIP to my dog, Snuggles; February 16, 1996-January 27, 2010
I love you! <3

This is Yukimenoko from thespeedgamers (dot) com.

I may not get on my computer in time, so if I don't click back in that day, come back and I'll be sure to click you then.
Do me a favour and send some clicks to my friend Charronte. Much appreciated.
I feed the right berries about 99% of the time, if I rush I may mess up, sorry in advance when and if I do.
10/16/2009-I just saw the little man, refreshed before I had realized what was going on.
11/10/2009-Why hello there little man... :D
01/14/2010-First Shiny!

If I'm "online" and I don't click back right away, sorry I'm probably away from my computer. But I will click back as soon as possible.

Me me me me me!
Her name is Michelle. A nineteen year old young woman who loves Pokemon. Her birthday is May 17. Her absolute favourite Pokemon is Espeon, next comes Froslass. She is a Canadian and rides a polar bear to school, though in all reality she walks to school. Should you have any questions feel free to message her.
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