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Points: 2,009,888
Pass Orbs: 405

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Prize Points: 428
Ranking: 264
Joined: Tue. Mar. 2/10
Last seen: Tue. Aug. 22/17 (Desktop)
User group: Members
Viewing user: MewtwoWarrior

  • Wreck-It Ralph

    Lv. 100

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    Lv. 72: 9,316/10,599

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    Lv. 75: 1,743/10,000

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      —Type: Null

    Lv. 61: 7,561/12,500

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    Lv. 54: 6,828/10,000

  • Unhatched
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    1,676/5,120 ~ 32%

    Egg phase: 2/6
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    Interactions: 28

MewtwoWarrior's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, December 26th 2016 at 1:15 AM
Mystery Box Explorers:
Spheal - dTyNq
Porygon - bmYyq

Birthday Exchange:
Put in: Fossil Relicanth - actiq
Got: Missingno - BgSKq

Secret Santa 2011:
Put in: Jirachi - gjuSd
Got: Reshiram - mVFfd

Secret Santa 2012:
Put in: Victini - JcCjx
Got: Mew - GYfMg

New Year's Exchange 2013:
Put in: Galvantula - wSpjv
Got: Pichu - vpxIU

Survey 2011:
Doduo - gtuCD
Dunsparce - UtuCD

New Year's Exchange 2015:
Put in: Galvantula - fhgYV
Got: Gastly - DWfPV

Secret Santa 2016
Put in: Joltik - fCynA
Got: Plusle - lfRcA
Today at 12:12 AM
She adopted an egg from the Shelter.
Today at 12:00 AM
She completed today's Scavenger Hunt task! She now have 1 completed task this month.
Tue Aug 15 at 9:50 PM
She hatched her egg into an Onix.
Tue Aug 15 at 1:19 AM
She adopted an egg from the Shelter.
Wed Aug 9 at 12:32 PM
She hatched her egg into a Spiritomb.
Tue Aug 8 at 12:03 AM
She adopted an egg from the Shelter.
Tue Aug 1 at 12:51 AM
She hatched her egg into a Sandshrew.
She evolved her Trumbeak into a Toucannon.
Tue Aug 1 at 12:50 AM
She evolved her Pikipek into a Trumbeak.
Tue Aug 1 at 12:14 AM
She adopted an egg from the Shelter.

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