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Journal last updated: Sunday, December 31st 2017 at 6:19 AM
Hey everyone! It's MDR, aka Zarincha. Well, It's been about eight years since I was extremely active on the site. However, I have recently gotten my own laptop and now am able to be on here more often. I click on a daily, especially the users who click me. If you want to add me, I usually click the people who do. I'm mainly here to complete the achievements, collect all the trinkets, and attempt to complete the shiny dex. I also use to enjoy the forums. You will see my name a lot on the forum games.

~Get that damn Shiny Mareep before I go insane
~Obtain all Rank 1 Acheivements
~Obtain all Rank 2 Acheivements
~Obtain all Rank 3 Achievements
~Obtain all Rank 4 Achievements
~Obtain all Rank 5 Achievements
~Get 250,000 clicks in one day
~Be in the Top 1000 Overal Rank
~Have all 807 original pokemon at level 100 in boxes
~Have all Trinkets (0/18 sets completed)


On an ending note: Luneon, Kirby163, Darkrai Master, Eryth, Wishful Jirachi, and Chu Chu are prolly my favorite people on here. It's been a while since I've talked to them, but now that I have been able to come back, I definitely miss my friends. I can't believe it's been nearly eight years since our amazing adventures together.
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