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Melciiee's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, December 1st 2016 at 3:58 AM
Sorry for my inactivity! Being extremely busy so not much online! I'm sorry!

2 5 6

Hello and welcome!
Nice to see you looking at my party page :)
Hope you will give them some clicks.

Clicks are returned, I promise that!
And I always try to feed the right berries.

So thanks for clicking, and hope to see you around again ;)

7januari: Finished TBD for the third time! :D Yay! Oh my god! Just started a shiny makuhita hunt today, because I wanted to breed for a female festive makuhita. I thought that would take a while (25% chance), so that's why I started the hunt. But the first novelty egg was already female! Decided to let them breed further; and this was the result: a shiny makuhita, self bred! :D 10 eggs in total; shortest hunt ever! Yay!
6janauri: OMG! I had some larvitar eggs for the pokéhunt (wich I forgot to participate xD), and suddenly a shiny larvitar pops out! <3 I wanted to hunt one anyway in the near future, so I am happy! :D
1januari: Good beginning of the new year! Hatched a shiny bidoof <3
19december: Oh my god! Hatched another shiny fossil kabuto today! I think they like me?

Note to self:

Small goals:
Obtain Badges
Lab Riolu yess! Finally! Now dex is complete! :D
Lab Mononzu Yess finally! :D
Lab Firemoth thing
Male Shellderboyy Yes! On may4th, from my own breeding couple :)

Medium Goals:
Itemfinder YESS
Amulet Coin
Get a shiny ABRA! ON 6MAY2010!
Summon a Legendary-> Cresselia, and GOT it!
Get Treasure Chest!!!!!!! YAY! 1st: Nov 1 2009, 2d: 12feb2010
Box full of Tangela's :D

Big goals:
Complete Pokédex, incl legendaries --> All lab born(=no heritage)/self bred
Get 50 shinies :D

Highest amount of interactions: 32,315 on September 2 2011
My old record with firefox: 13,058 on October 2 2010
My old record with internet explorer: 2,226 on March 7 2010!
Melciiee has no recent activity.

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Legendary Collector (Jan 14/12)
Godsend (Apr 24/15)
Pokedex Master (Jan 13/13)
Pokedex Master Plus (Jan 13/13)
Master Explorer (Jun 6/11)
Insatiably Curious (Feb 27/13)
I Am Legend (Jan 1/12)
That Everlasting Flame!! (Jan 7/12)
Master Clicker (Oct 2/10)
Master Feeder (Nov 8/10)
Feed a Country (Sep 21/12)
Best In Show (Jan 2/13)

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