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Journal last updated: Sunday, June 13th 2010 at 7:18 AM
Those are the Achievements I'd like to complete (just for now):

Complete Pokedex (Kanto first)


Fill up a box with one species of Pokemon.

Breed a Plusle and a Minun, and hatch one of their offspring.
Breed a Luvdisc and a Remorage, and hatch one of their offspring.
Breed a Jynx and a Mr. Mime.
Breed a Skitty and a Wailord, and hatch one of their offspring.
Breed a Zangoose and a Seviper, and hatch one of their offspring. (all three Pokémon must be in your possession)


Have a Beedrill, Nidoking, Rapidash, Seaking, Dunsparce and Rhyperior in your party.

Have OVER NINE THOUSAND!! steps in the PokéWalker. Must be unlocked before withdrawing the Pokémon.

Have a Nidoking(*), Kingler, Seaking, Slowking(*), Kingdra and Slaking in your party.

Obtain a female Togepi, Combee, Munchlax and Riolu (or any of their evolutions).

Breed 10 Slime Slugma.
Obtain 15 different Dragon-type Pokémon. (faltan 5)
Obtain 65 different Water-type Pokémon. (faltan 4)

Have Clone Bulbasaur, Clone Charmander and Clone Squirtle in your party. (falta Bulbasaur)



Water: Staryu, Poli,

King Stone: Poliwag
Razor Claw: Sneasel
Magmarizer: Magmar
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