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Journal last updated: Friday, November 6th 2015 at 3:06 PM
Nov 6: If you need to get ahold of me send me a PM
Oct 21 Update: I'm currently busy with RL things atm as well as going through a backlog of art. No time to play atm!


Hello~ Feel free to call me Sapphire, MegaBlaz, or whatever.
I hope you'll enjoy the art I'll be making for the site now!

Goals: To get all the shinies I want, water/fire/dragon/dark Arceus, and to finish up all the badge achievements.

Shiny Goals:
Fennekin l Cyndaquil l Torchic | two other shiny fire-types for Arceus (not counting Ho-Oh)
Four shiny water types for Water Arceus after Feebas
Bagon | Dratini | Three other dragons
Zorua | Houndour | Murkrow | Two other darks

I regret hatching my shinies before the Arceus update cause I already got most of the ones I want lmao
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