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Journal last updated: Friday, October 1st 2010 at 8:27 PM

Who reads these anyway?;;

**I will try to click back as often as possible D: If I miss you before the reset, don't hesitate to let me know, okay? ;w; I click your entire party, regardless of whether you have only clicked one of mine. <3 Don't feel as though you are obligated to do the same!;

-Become a Novice Trainer
-Become a Novice Feeder
-Get Corporate GPXPlus
-Become a Newbie Breeder
-Become a "Novice Clicker"

About Me
Er...Hi there |D
Name: I go by a few names =3= Courtney, Ni Ni, Court, Feli, Feliciano, Ita-Mun/Ita-Chan, (Due to acting like Italy from APH). I respond to all of them so go with what you're comfortable with |Db
Gender: Female :'I So DON'T ask me, darn you! I know my username isn't very girly >__<
Age: 15 xP Lol/lame. I can't drive alone, can't go to prom, and can't get a job but need money. One day I watch cartoons, another day I'm watching Soap operas |D (LOL No, I don't watch Soap operas. I think it's weird that it has the word "soap" in it, but it has nothing to do with soap :D;)
Location: America |D I'M THE HERO~~
Random Fact: I say "Oi" a lot, and hate "chat speak" Eg. "o ya i like wen u do dat funny thing lol" or "lol ur dumb im way smarter than u r"
Heritage: Half Italian, and half Polish. Lucky me. OTL My friend's say I'm stupidest because Feli, Feliks, and Alfred are the dumbest ones ;3; *sob*
Languages:English, Italian. Currently learning Spanish =w= Ay dios mio. |Db /shot
Thank you for reading |D
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