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Journal last updated: Monday, February 22nd 2010 at 7:40 AM
Part of the 1/6 League

Semi-inactive for a while.


My time is the same as the server's, so if you click to close to the reset time, I might miss you. Also, I may accidentally skip some Pokemon while clicking until I become good at tab-clicking. I'll go back and click them when I get the chance.

Clicking Buggy is completly optional, but it would be nice.

Since Buggy is now level 100, I'll be keeping a Guest Star in my party until they reach level 100. Right now this is Manty. Why do I call them Guest Stars? Because it sounds better then Guest Pokémon.

**My Goals**
*Get a shiny Pokémon
*Level Manty up to Lv. 75
*Buy all of the permanent Upgrades (3/16)
*Complete the PokéDex and EggDex
*Not abandon a single Pokémon/Egg. Ever. EVER. (Daycare eggs excluded)

**About Me**
Favorite Types: Grass, Water, Normal, Electric, Ice
Least Favorites: Fighting, Dark, Fire
Join Date: July 9th, 2009

If I have 2 incompatible Pokémon in the Daycare, I'm leveling them up and not trying to breed them. Along that same note, I release every egg my Pokemon breed.
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