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 Matt Minami

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Points: 94,792
Pass Orbs: 1,602

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Prize Points: 198
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Joined: Wed. Apr. 29/09
Last seen: Wed. Jul. 15/20 (Desktop)
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From: Brazil
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Journal last updated: Friday, November 18th 2011 at 10:05 PM
Current Status: Check the Status above!


First of all, I want to thank everyone who took your time clicking my Pokémon and reading this! ^^

Please notice that I live in Brazil (GMT - 3:00), so the reset hour might be different for me.
However, I will surely click back everyone who clicked me, since they will show up in my clickback list. I'm always on at the reset hour, so you don't have to worry, if you clicked me, I WILL click you back! ;D
Also, I give priority to those who I have added in my Pal Pad, and will click them daily =)

[x] Get a female Gardevoir (Kari)
[x] Get a female Espeon (Sayu)
[x] Get a female Glaceon (Laki)
[x] Get Kari, Sayu and Laki to level 100
[ ] Give Kari, Sayu and Laki a good description
[x] Get at least one shiny
[ ] Achieve 500,000 interactions
[ ] Complete Pokédex
~~> [x] Kanto Pokédex: 151/151
~~> [/] Johto Pokédex: 99/100 (Missing: Suicune)
~~> [/] Hoenn Pokédex: 132/135 (Missing: Latios, Latias, Rayquaza)
~~> [ ] Sinnoh Pokédex: Hold
~~> [ ] Unova Pokédex: Hold

Group Memberships:
~The 1/6 League~
~The Achievement Association~

Random Information:
Daily record: 12,555 interactions (Jul 20/11)
Little Man: 8 obtained, 4 missed (enough already! x.x)
Manaphy eggs: 8 obtained, 0 missed
Treasure Chests: 3 obtained, 1 missed
Shiny Pokémon: 3 obtained (Misdreavus, Onix, Luvdisc)

Talk to me! =D
MSN: matheus_am@hotmail.com
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