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 Matt Engarde

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 9th 2011 at 8:12 AM
Matt Engarde used Attract!
It's super effective!

Hey dudes! Do any of you watch the Nickel Samurai show? It's only the best show ever, and with such a handsome protagonist too! ;) I always read my fanmail and stuff, so if you want to send that, and if you're really lucky, I might have the time to write back if my manager lets me!

Pleeeeeease click Shoe, everyone! He's just chilling at the front of my party like the sweet dude he is! And he even has a girlfriend now, 'cuz I managed to get a shiny! Only the best for my Shoe!

Man, I'm really raking in the shinies lately! Haha, maybe they're attracted to me too? ;)

DUDE, NO WAY! I totally just found this little green dude just chillin' in the shelter! This is awesome!!!
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