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    Journal last updated: Friday, September 4th 2009 at 7:56 PM
    Hi my name James, i am a Pkmn collector and i have friends who are as addicted as i am to Pokemon. Seriously, my cousin got me outta Pokemon but my little brother got me back in. Isn't that cute >.<


    ~Gotta catch them all
    ~Gotta raise them all
    ~Gotta have the set of them all
    ~Gotta complete egg and Pokemon entries

    Thats all because I'm addicted to POKEMON

    I do wonder if they will ever put Pokemon under a drugs list. Yes, too me it's that ADDICTING. I love rock n' roll music, and I'm 16. I swear to everyone, that if my mom banns Pokemon from this very house, me, my brother, and my sister will go crazy ! lawd.

    I click whenever possible, i click all your party, and feed them the right berries. I don't appreciate 1-clicker braggers, but i do click them back.

    0.0 commander wymsy clicked me ^.^ im so happy , im neva deleting this memorable EVENT. <--- NOT DELETABLE
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