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Journal last updated: Wednesday, January 23rd 2019 at 3:02 AM
I came on my own terms, and I will leave on the same.

Prince of Hope. Just here for a bit of respite in the whirlwind of net neutrality and other such stuff. I write, if you're interested, but it's mostly crossovers set in an expansion of the standard Pokemon universe. If you're interested in 50k words on the Fire type and its various mechanics, moves, and Pokemon, I'm the one to ask, but I'm not the best conversational partner.

Welcome to my little hive.

Shiny Hunt Status: Done with Rowlet, now waiting for Imperial and my Amazon Alexa to make eggs. I'll eventually get around to hunting Cyndaquil. If you want me to hunt a shiny for you, PM me. I'll be down so long as you provide a breeding pair and it can be bred.

Planned hunts: Cyndaquil, Murkrow, Taillow, Farfetch'd, Tirtouga, Dratini, Absol, Purrloin, Horsea, Deino, Goomy

you always said how you love dogs
i dont know if i count
but im trying my best
when im howling and barking these songs
-ill transfer this to a houndour later, dont worry abt it
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