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Journal last updated: Wednesday, April 13th 2011 at 12:05 PM
~ W e l c o m e . t o . M a r u k o ' s . P a r t y . ! ~

I'm part of The 1/6 League and The Berry Smart Group.

~ M y . g o a l s ~
I want to find shiny:
Lapras, Mawile, Poochyena, Budew, Sandlash, Numel, Absol, Hoppip, Mudkip, Shinx, Ponyta, Igglybuff, Swablu, Magicarp, Nidoran M, Horsea, Cyndaquil, Dratini, Pachirisu, Feebas, Cacnea, Tangela, Ralts, Houndour, Shuckle, Gastly, Dunsparce, Murkrow, Phanpy, Spheal, Shroomish, Electrike, Abra, Wooper, Gulpin and Yanma.

~ C l i c k i n g . p o l i c y ~
I always click full party - unless if your eggs are ready to hatch.

~ P a l . P a d ~
Feel free for adding me. I'll ALWAYS click back. :)
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