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 Mars Adept Enten

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Mars Adept Enten's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, May 11th 2017 at 3:02 PM
Ranger Sign Crest collection progress: 11/11; Elemental Weapons 3/3; Trigrams: 3/9; Seasons Crests: 1/4
Yo, Mars Adept Enten here! You can call me MAE for short. My name translated is 'Mars Adept Blazing Heat', rather fitting for a Fire-type lover.
Feel free to add me to your PalPad!
Trinket trading policy:
I will accept anything, and if it's a self-created one or one I can't get (read: not available to Mala), those get first priority. I also check the Trinket trading place! thread on GTS+ frequently, and post lists of what I need from each set regularly. Also, if you have any extras of trinkets I made, feel free to PalPad me and I'll do the same so we can gift each other. ;D

Species: Fire Adept
Element: Fire/Psychic
Nickname: Enten
Level: 28
Mood: Overwhelmed by all the changes to GPX+.
Evolution: None
Nature: Brave (Likes spicy flavor)
Attacks: Eruption
Lava Plume
Calm Mind
^This is how my description would read if I was a Pokémon. Well, minus the mood, of course.

My interests are Pokémon, Golden Sun, The Inheritance Cycle, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, LPs (specifically TheRunawayGuys ones) and all things Nintendo!

My 2016 resolutions are to continue to get the badge Achievements and get some of these old SWSHs finished. I will always click back your whole party (If I don't click your whole party, you probably have an egg or eggs that can be hatched or are currently in a contest. Don't hold that against me, and just treat it as a whole-party click.) and try to feed the right berries, even if you only click on one of mine. :)

I'll likely be founding/co-founding (tentatively) a few groups in the future, so keep an eye on the horizon, Golden Sun fans (Adept Association) and Smash Bros. fans (Brotherhood of Smashers)! ;)

AKA Queen-Articuno (dA) and Queen_Lugia (SPPf)


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