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Mariocool1999's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 21st 2012 at 5:37 PM
--Hello, welcome to my page.--

Day 1:
I got a ditto egg! How nice for me!
I also got a heatran egg. But I messed up TWO enigma stones. D:<
Day 33: I got (Shiny) Bidofo (My life time dream!) AND shellderboy! I missed the valentine tentacool though...
Day 34: 3 MISSINGNOs AND 2 MANAPHYS? How lucky can I get?
Day 35: I... did... it... I got the MASTER CLICKER achievement! And what do I get from all that? 1500 GODDAMN POINTS! >:/ A summoning item would have been much better. Oh well. Still, it was hard, but it was so rewarding! (Note: This is outdated as I can make +30,000 a day if i'm lucky. <-- This is very outdated. Due to the new site, I can get as much as 100,000 if I want to.)
Day 36: I GOT A SUMMER SWINUB EGG! AND AN EASTER BUNARY! What`s next? Valentacool?
Day 37: YES! I WAS RIGHT! I got Valentacool (egg)! But I missed a BIDOFO EGG 2 TIMES TODAY! >:/ Oh well, I can breed more! I also missed a Missingno egg. Then again, I would rather get the getting kinda creepy achievement.
Day 38: ...
Day 39: 2 SHINIES IN A ROW! GPX+ REALLY doesn't want me to get the quitter achievement.
Day 40: Creationist unlocked!
Day 41: Sh. SL. SLUGMA! 2nd novelty shiny! Also, ANOTHER UNINTENDED SHINY!
Day 42: Shiny miltank! Unintended shiny.
Day 43: I discovered something! Bidofo eggs are SLIGHTLY bigger than bidoof eggs!
Day 44: 2 shinies and 2 Summoning items in one day!
Day 45: Someone released a Past Misdreavus egg and it stayed there for a long time... PS: Youngster Joey: 3/6.
Day 46: I started TBD, not knowing the evil in it...
Day 47: I'm on the 16th task now. ***** is a dang lot, isn't it? At least it's the ****.
Day 48: Valentina joined my party! In case you don't know, she is a Sh. Valentacool/cruel.

Highest rank: 13.
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