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 Maple Syrup

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Maple Syrup's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, July 17th 2015 at 7:00 PM
Just my little Journal:

Wednesday May 19th/May 20th(at like 12 am...):Got a Fossil Lileep and a Dialga! :O :D
Wednesday May 26th: Got WV and Charmy Clone from Safari Zone
Tuesday June 1st: Got a Kyogre and DW from the same page today! On all the same safari zone page! YAY :D
Wednesday June 2nd: Got a Zergoose! YESSSSS >:D
Friday June 5th:Got a Crystal Onix, FINALLY
Tuesday June 15th: Got a Clonemander egg from Daycare nice
Wednesday June 16th: missed a half hatched regigigas egg cuz my mouse didnt click
Thursday June 24th: Got a missingno egg at 55% sweet
Saturday June 26th: Got a bulba clone today <333 Just need a squirtle clone <3
Tuesday June 29th: Missed a Ho-oH egg in the lab hm oh well.
Thursday July 1st: Snatched a Giratina Egg from Lab, Thanks to who ever missed it... <3 Also got a Ho-oH from shelter, wow thanx to who dropped it. Now I have 2 from Shelter and 1 that I hatched <33
Saturday July 3rd: Got a Heatran Egg from Lab, thanks to who missed it, and a bidofo from shelter :D yay <3
Friday July 9th: Got a missed summoned Cresselia from Lab, thanks to who missed it.
July 11th: Got a Ditto <3
Got internet back
Sep 30 2011: Returned to GPX
Tuesday June 9th, 2015: Random shiny bidoof LOL.....
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