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Makeltos's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, August 1st 2020 at 2:05 PM
Greetings from México!

I'm a WoW player, also I like to play RPG games. Also I like old games, the DOS and NES ones are particularly fun to play.

My favorite pokemon since the first time I played the game are Sandshrew and Sandslash.

I help people to complete his/her SN achievement, so I add people who aim for this achievement, and remove others once I notice they get it, except for some people who are permanently in my list. If you need help with the achievement, PM me and I'll add you, provided I have a free spot. Keep in mind I remove people after 30 days of inactivity if they don't notify they'll be on hiatus beforehand.

I appreciate random PMs, so don't hesitate to send them!

I'm a proud member of The Networking Ninjas!. If you've completed the SN achievement and like to help people to get it, consider joining the group.

Do you feel like helping? Add these people for their SN achievement (xx/75)
* means the user is ready to unlock the achievement. Do not remove until they unlock it.

Frogs4macattack: *
CyberMagician: 65
Kida: 61
Aibiki: 60
brando99: 59
GymLeaderWinona: 56
Pwncess: 56
krahe: 54
Vulpix D: 47
nickwatic: 46
Plush Nightingale: 45
Cletus: 43
Justine: 43
ashmee: 41
seanrc: 39
Lisabit: 36
gigiology: 35
DreamingNightmares: 33
Kirbs2002: 32
ODaugherty: 32
TenjouUtena: 31
Specterminate: 25
toonwonderwizard: 25
Koholic: 23
1905aslani: 18
chubbyfletchling: 16
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