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 Mabel Gleeful

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Journal last updated: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 8:02 AM
I Hope everybody has a nice time here, and knows i do click back, Mind helping me in my current shiny hunt quests? A List of pokemon i'm hunting is below! Also please help me evolve my cosmoem

help me?
Alolan Vulpix-Active hunt

[col=Lavender]Completed Hunts/how many eggs-
Klefki-15 eggs
Growlith-100+ eggs
Gothita-8 Eggs
Absol-4 eggs

I Love roses, so if anyone wants to gift me rose trinkets i'd really appreciate it. Also, add me to your pal pad if you feel like it. If you message me telling me you added me, i'll add you back

Have a nice day, and remember to click my stuff, guys!
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