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Journal last updated: Thursday, September 28th 2017 at 6:13 AM
Trainer of Dark Types and canidae.

Currently: Earning dex achievements. Kanto and Johto down, Hoenn almost done, Sinnoh and Unova to go!

Finally unlocked the SN achievement; thanks to all who helped! If you need SN, feel free to PM me and I'll add you as soon as I get online! If my PalPad is full, I'll remove the most inactive person.
I'll often look at the list of people who've added/interacted with me and add anyone whose status is about SN, so I might just have you on my list anyway!

Shiny Goals [Egg #]

Mightyena [#204]
Liepard [#046]
Fl. Zoroark [#003]
Zoroark [#171]
Incineroar [#287]
A. Raticate [#???]
Midday Lycanroc [#???]
Midnight Lycanroc [#???]
Salandit/Salazzle [#???]
Alpine Persian [#???]
A. Persian [#???]
Ninetales [#???]
Infernape [#???]
Bulbasaur [#???]
Cacturne [#???]
Decidueye [#???]
Manectric [#???]
Butterfree [#???]
Haxorus [#???]
Hydreibot [#???]
Lycanborn has no recent activity.

Lycanborn's Showcased Achievements

Novelty Collector (Oct 27/16)
Kanto Master (Sep 4/17)
Johto Master (Sep 4/17)
Social Network (Sep 27/17)
Dog Whisperer (Oct 13/16)
Tropical Paradise (Sep 10/17)
Dawn of a New Era (Sep 10/17)
Master Clicker (Oct 12/16)
Master Breeder (Nov 5/17)

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