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 Lwaxana Troi

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Points: 1,293,204
Pass Orbs: 1,401

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Prize Points: 33
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Joined: Mon. Sep. 14/09
Last seen: Sun. Jan. 12/14 (Desktop)
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From: United Kingdom
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  • Pikablu
      —Shiny Azurill

    Lv. 100

  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    5,120/5,120 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    Unique Views: 1
    Interactions: 73
  • Unhatched
      —Pokémon Egg

    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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      —Pokémon Egg

    10,240/10,240 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    Interactions: 105

Lwaxana Troi's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, January 12th 2014 at 7:18 PM
FORMERLY KNOWN AS: Peri, Time Lady Victorious, Pandorica, Idris

In short, currently: shiny hunting, IV hunting, trying Battle Subway for achievements (when I don't get frustrated by the cheating CPU)

When it's 6 PM server time, it's a midnight in my time-zone, so I may not return a click after that hour. However, I'm back usually around 8-10 AM server time.

Updated. Removed people who did not add me to theirs, and added people who did, so both ways it should be equal now. If you feel I shouldn't have removed you, contact me, and I'll rectify that as long as you'll keep clicking back. Also, it works for the future - add me, and I'll add you.

Do you want to know how does egg of a certain breedable Pokemon look like? Put into Google "[species name] Location: Daycare site:gpxplus.net". Once Google spits out results, click the one which fits to what you types, and then see Poke's heritage. You should see among his offspring eggs of his species. Compared to its mother/father, it should be now obvious how does its egg look like.


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Legendary Hunter (Jan 14/11)
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Trio Collector (Jan 1/11)
Bringer of Legends (Mar 5/11)
Shiny Collector (Mar 23/11)
Great Success! (Feb 14/11)

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