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Points: 2,490,500
Pass Orbs: 7,238

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Prize Points: 962
Ranking: 1,344
Joined: Tue. Dec. 7/10
Last seen: Thu. Dec. 30/21 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: Netherlands
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    Lv. 100

Lumena's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, November 9th 2020 at 5:10 AM
Currently hunting: Combee, Dratini, Murkrow from the SWSH...

Hi! Name's Amy. I study psychology.

o/ \o \o/

8th of February 2017 Shiny Seel, egg #223.
23rd of January 2017 Shiny Audino, egg #72.
22nd of January 2017 Random Shiny Gulpin.
15th of January 2017 Shiny Cottonee, egg #71.
14th of January 2017 Shiny Popplio, egg #81. Shiny Litten, egg #51 site-wide Shiny Hunt.
28th of December 2016 Meloetta egg.
15th of July 2013 Shiny Chikorita egg #87 site-wide Shiny Hunt.
19th of July 2011 Shiny Cherubi egg #39 site-wide Shiny Hunt.
3rd of June 2011 Manaphy egg.
31st of May 2011 First Shiny: Shiny Porygon and first completed site-wide Shiny Hunt, egg #222.
1st of May 2011 First Old Man
15th of February 2011 First Exploration completed: Incident in Yellow Forest.
13th February 2011 First Summoned egg: Kyogre.
8th of December 2010 First Novelty: Winter Vulpix.
8th of December 2010 First egg: Smoochum.
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An All Night Thing (Jan 13/17)
Lucky Day (Jan 14/17)
Novice Collector (Jan 4/13)

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