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Journal last updated: Saturday, February 27th 2021 at 1:06 AM
===Recent Thoughts===

I finally have the two shinies I really wanted - Buneary (My first Pokémon on this site was a Buneary) and Shinx (Luxray is one of my favorite Pokémon)!!

Those were the two I was after, and I wanted to get them first. Now that I have both, I'm ready to start multiple hunts! If you ever wanna do a race with me, let me know!

=====Play Style=====

I try to keep checking back throughout the day to click as many people that click me as I can. I also try my best to click correct berries. If I don't click you back before the reset, or don't click the correct berry, I'm sorry - it wasn't intentional!

My aim is to be top #100 Activity Score everyday!

====Current Goals====

[ ] Complete Pokedex (excluding very-rare Pokémon, Unown, and Novelties)
[X] Hatch a shiny Buneary (and thus, my first hunted shiny!)
[X] Hatch a shiny Shinx (my favorite Pokémon!)

===Overall Site Goals===

[ ] One of every single Pokémon in my PC boxes. They cannot be obtained from the Shelter.
[ ] All Pokémon to level 100.
[ ] Complete at least 24 shiny hunts.
[ ] All trinkets.
[ ] Assemble the ultimate battle team!
[ ] Complete 270 (90%) of the achievements.
[ ] #10+ Rank for a site statistic for at least a week.
[ ] Top 100 Total Rank for at least a month.

(I stopped visiting the site from July 2011 through February 2013, and then again from May 2013 through March 2015, so now there's a big gap in my statistics. It bothers me...)
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