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Journal last updated: Monday, January 7th 2013 at 8:53 AM
Hey! I'm Adam from England. I'm a Huge Pokemon Fan and Video Games in General. Since you're here please help my goals in anyway you can.

Feel free to message me. Who knows, I'll probably tribute a Pokemon to you. Also, feel free to ask me to do a sprite for you, I'll try my best to do it as fast as I can.

I'll also Shiny Race anyone if they want to :D

I can use the GPX Mobile when i'm not home, so I can multiclick you if you add me. I can also return the favour for random clickers.

Awesome people get named in my Pokemon. (*) = Will start ASAP

Twilight Navi - Ampharos (*) (AWAITING SHINY)
Subway Boss Ingo - Palkia
Gym Leader Elesa - Zebstrika (*) (AWAITING SHINY)
EmmatheTiger - Vulpix (*) (AWAITING SHINY)

If you wouldn't mind, please click Twilight Navi, Subway Boss Ingo and Gym Leader Elesa (Look in my Pal Pad),it would be great, thank you.

My shiny ratio for recorded hunts is: 1 shiny per 100.3333 eggs hatched. (75.5 inc. Seviper)

Seviper - January 15th 2011 (First and only Seviper Egg)
Riolu (Shiny Hunt - all my own eggs) Riolu #83 = 31st October 2011
Eevee (Shiny Hunt - all my own eggs) Eevee #71 = 26th November 2011
Zorua (Shiny Hunt - with other eggs, hatched as mine) Zorua #147 = 18th November 2012

Achievement Goals:

OCD - Feral Zergoose

Master Trainer - 51 Pokemon Remaining... apparently now its 54...

I appreciate the help!

Also, expect mass clicks for those who add me!
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