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  • Unhatched
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    6,400/6,400 ~ 100%

    Egg phase: 6/6
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    Interactions: 50

LovableDaisy's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, August 26th 2018 at 1:57 AM
Don't Start the Exploration "Death of the World" unless you plan on finishing it. .It is difficult as Donald Duck not curing you in Kingdom Hearts

I add people who click back on a daily basis. I love to add people who click back, If you want to become friends just message me. I will gladly add you. Maybe we can become life long friends! I am very nice :)

Finished Shiny Hunts Without the Shiny Recorder~~
Piplup::424 (I got a male but I want a female so I may continue but only after I finish all my other shiny hunts.)
Slime Slugma::41
Dratini::82(might keep going because i got male instead of a female.)
Horsea::251(but i want a female may continue to find one after I get the rest of the hunts done)
Snivy::35(But i want a female)
Psyduck::14(Got a male, wanted a female might do it again)
Chikorita::50(I want a female)
Golett:: 153
Lapras::993 and Shes female.
Drifloon::276 and Shes female!
Seel::149 and shes female!
Bulbasaur::305 it was male
Larvesta:: 128
Munchlax::467 (It was male)
Alomomola::497 (It was male)
Gible::440 and she's female!!
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Godsend (Dec 27/18)
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