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Journal last updated: Friday, March 8th 2013 at 12:59 PM
10-16-2012: My first Rarity 10 trinket! :3

I'll breed any novelties I have in exchange for anything I don't have. xD

I click back full party. I'm not obsessed, nor do I click a billion times a day, but I make due. :) Also, I try to click any other Pokemon you might put in your party throughout the day. :3
If I see in your status that you have a Pokemon that needs to be fed a certain berry, I'll try my best to feed it that berry.

I sometimes message random people that interest me. I'm also welcome to random messages from anyone. :D

I play the following games on Wi-Fi: Diamond, SoulSilver, White, Black 2.


Achievements In Progress:
[] Oval Stones: 8/21 xD (3 Bliss)
[] Hard To Get: (T/C/R obtained)

~ Joined: 20 June, 2009
~ Little Man Clicks/Encounters: 2/4
~ Treasure Chests: 2/3
~Tiny Egg: 2/4

~ Egg: Duskull
~ Hatched: Poochyena
~ Levelled: Togepi
~ Legendary: Articuno (9/11/09)
~ Dream Pokemon: Gengar
~ Found Item: Metal Coat (8/14/09)
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