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Points: 869,260
Pass Orbs: 2,801

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Prize Points: 400
Ranking: 2,553
Joined: Fri. Nov. 15/19
Last seen: Sat. Jun. 19/21 (Desktop)
User group: Members
From: United States
Viewing user: LokiofAsgard

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      —Festive Makuhita

    Lv. 23: 11,860/16,400

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    Lv. 25: 6,960/10,000

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      —Flaming Zorua

    Lv. 30: 6,302/10,599

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      —Spring Cyndaquil

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    Lv. 11: 2,945/10,000

LokiofAsgard's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, April 29th 2021 at 3:06 PM
Shiny Sandshrew: 12/20/19, first Sandshrew egg hatched ever
Shiny Swampert: 1/8/20, nabbed from the Safari Zone
Shiny Mega Aggron: 1/10/20, nabbed from the Safari Zone
Shiny Charmander: 1/18/20, hatched for King of the Temple Exploration
Shiny Cresselia: 2/6/20, hatched from first Cresselia egg ever
Shiny Throh: 12/17/20, hatched for the Hanukkah event
Shiny Spinarak: 12/17/20, nabbed from the Safari Zone
Shiny Ditto: 1/1/21, obtained from shiny voucher
Shiny Chatotiel: 4/13/21, egg distribution event
Shiny Mew: 4/29/21, obtained from shiny legendary voucher
Shiny Pichu: 4/29/21, hatched during the April Baby Event
LokiofAsgard has no recent activity.

LokiofAsgard's Showcased Achievements

Legendary Collector (Jan 22/20)
Corporate GPXPlus (May 12/20)
Happy Anniversary! (Nov 24/20)
so i herd (Dec 17/19)
Slowpoke Tail Connoisseur (Dec 24/20)
Dog Whisperer (Dec 2/20)
Master Clicker (Nov 20/19)
Finish What You Started (Jan 1/20)
Master Collector (Jun 1/21)
Perfect 10 (Apr 19/21)

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