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    Journal last updated: Monday, November 1st 2010 at 5:40 PM
    Very low activity. Click at own risk.

    Taking a break from breeding Char Clones in order to cycle through the Breeding Achievements.

    Babylon gave me a pink flower after coming out of the Pokewalker at level 100...<3

    The Notebook

    Each Slime Slugma carries a beloved, torn page from a Notebook their deceased master used to write in. Click on them to read each one's Note.
    Growlithe Count: 40

    Latest Obsessions:
    Ursaring Wood Carvings (1 Magikarp, 2 Magikarp, 3 Magikarp, 4 Magikarp)
    Tauros Statue

    0 - The two Pokémon prefer to stay away from each other.
    1 - The two Pokémon can hardly stand to even look at each other.
    2 - The two Pokémon don't like each other very much.
    3 - The two Pokémon seem somewhat friendly with each other.
    4 - The two Pokémon get along.
    5 - The two Pokémon like each other a lot.
    6 - The two Pokémon love playing with each other.
    7- The two pokemon are completly inseparable.
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