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Lightningstreak's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, April 11th 2010 at 9:16 AM
for Amulet Coin

STATUS: ONLINE, clicking and clicking back <--NOTE: may not always be accurate!
LATEST NEWS: Fossil Shieldon, yes!
ONE-CLICKERS: Click Zapdos and Fossil Cranidos please!

You step into a cave, the rain pouring outside. At the end of the cave is a warm light. Walking towards it, you hear a whoosh by your head, and then a voice chirp something unintelligible. Another voice, this one female, says, "They're clean, Cress? Good."

Out of the shadows steps a girl, with brown hair and green eyes. She smiles. "Welcome to my cave, where I keep all of my Pokemon. You can stay for the night, though it would be appreciated if you fed the Pokemon berries and warmed the eggs up." She grins again. "By the way, I'm Lightningstreak."
Aheh, sorry, I like writing. ^^ Well, I'm Lightningstreak online, but you can just call me LS or Lightning, pretty much anything. I like chocolate and people giving berries to my Pokemon and warming the eggs up. Everyone will be clicked back full party.

Full party clicks towards me are always appreciated and returned back as soon as possible! Also, nothing guaranteed after 8:00 pm.

GOALS, as of 4/11/10
Get Zapdos to Level 100 [8%]
Get Fossil Cranidos to Level 100 [7%]
All starters [7/12]
All Eeveelutions [3/8]
Crystal Onix
All legendaries [4/39]
Dracowymsy? -shotshotshot-
The Clones [0/3]
Arceus (this is not going to take years, of course not [/sarcasm])

Shiny Flareon tries: 0/1
Zerxer clicked on me 3/6/10, 3/9/10
Big Bidoof clicked on me 3/12/10
Record Interactions: 2,787 [3/8/10]
The "Achv Stor." box, standing for "Achievement Storage", is for storing pets (mostly just starters for the Professor Oak, Elm, Birch, and Rowan achievements) that I need to unlock achievements. They'll probably be coming into my party to level up at some later point as well.
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