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Points: 8,874,378
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Prize Points: 120
Ranking: 188
Joined: Sat. Aug. 18/12
Last seen: Sat. Jun. 1/19 (Desktop)
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From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 1:34 AM
    Currently on hiatus.


    Adding me to your Pal Pad will guarantee that you will get interactions from me throughout the day. If you interact with me, I will return the favor. Those are the best two ways to get interactions from me. I also use the Odd Incense occasionally.

    I have started to collect Trinkets and I'm aiming to complete the Trinket collection. I send any duplicate Trinkets as gifts and Sky Gifts. I hope you are lucky enough to receive one.

    - Complete Non-Shiny Pokédex.
    - Complete Generation I Shiny Pokédex.
    - Complete each set of Trinkets.
    - Become one of the top 100 overall ranking users.

    - Completed all Achievements.
    - Hatched four Shiny Legendary Pokémon.

    I'm an active member of GPX+ and the GPX+ Discord. It's a great place to get involved with our community, come and stop by! If you need any help I'll be glad to be of assistance, either hit me up on the Discord or PM me through the Forums. Also, I like to record my Shiny Hunts, so feel free to send me a Shiny Hunt challenge.
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