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Journal last updated: Saturday, June 24th 2017 at 11:09 PM

===Game Dev | Pixel Artist | Freelance Dude===

Contributor of several Gen 7-related sprites (Type: Null line, Wishiwashi, Grubbin line, etc.)

Hey there, I'm Letan. I joined the site in February '08. I was promoted to Global Moderator in July '08. I make video games for a living. I also make video games on my spare time. How it do.

What Have You Been Doing With Your Life Lately?
Outside of work, I've been working on solo projects, including a long-term passion project called Cursed Seasons. Every now and then I've participated in game jams, along with local indie scene stuff. Outside of all of that, I've done a few sprites on GPX+.
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