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Journal last updated: Saturday, August 9th 2014 at 6:58 PM
Day 6: An In Character Account

Things have finally begun to calm down now. Bulma seems to be enjoying adventuring with her child and Bell has gotten back to the battling spirit. But I think its too early for them to be around each other yet. For now I decided to foucs on other tasks. Since the shelter was starting to overflow I agreed to hatch a few eggs to save them the trouble. I decided not to simply keep them since I had a full party. Plus this might be a chance to add a few pages to that PokeDex I've been neglecting.


And here's the updated list of goals
1: Get 1.5k interactions
2: Beat 2 people in the battle tower
3: Get Goku up to Level 99 before evolving
4: Get Gray up to Level 99 before evolving
5: Evolve my Wailmer, Mobie into a Waillord (because that would be fun)
6: Get an item from the underground
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