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 Le Me

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Joined: Tue. Sep. 22/09
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From: United Kingdom
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Le Me's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 4th 2020 at 4:37 PM
Disclaimer: Quite quaint looking at these now lol - just thought I'd leave them here for old time's sake :)

[/]Registered: Tuesday September 22nd 2009
[/]First Pokemon Hatched: Azurill, Friday September 25th 2009
[/]First Evolution: Marill, Wednesday September 30th 2009
[/]First Legendary: Registeel, Thursday October 15th 2009
[/]First Novelty: Easter Buneary: Thursday October 22nd 2009
[/]First little man/Manaphy egg/treasure chest: Little man, Wednesday September 22nd 2010
[/]First Shiny: Mudkip, Tuesday 28th September 2010
[/]First Pokérus: Shiny Mudkip, Wednesday 29th September 2010
[/]First Pichu: Pichu10585, Monday September 28th 2009
[/]First Spiky-eared Pichu: Pichu10586, Wednesday 3rd November 2010
[/]First lvl 100: Pichu, Sunday 13th December 2009
[/]First lvl 100 without daycare*/Pokéwalker: Pichu10585, Sunday 7th March 2010
[/]First lvl 100 shiny: Shiny Swampert, Date unknown
[ ]First Shiny Pichu: N/a
[/]First Shiny Novelty/Legendary: Shiny Icy Horsea (Fraazi, now Icy Kingdra), Sunday 16th September 2012
[/]First Ditto: Ditii, Sunday 23rd September 2012
[/]First Daycare egg: Magikarp, Sunday October 4th 2009
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Novelty Collector (Nov 14/11)
Back when I was your age... (Apr 24/11)
Shiny Seeker (Sep 16/12)
Lucky Day (Oct 2/20)
Master Clicker (Sep 23/12)
Expert Hatcher (Sep 10/12)
Expert Breeder (Sep 16/12)
Expert Feeder (Sep 23/12)

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