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Journal last updated: Monday, May 30th 2011 at 12:18 PM


It's a beautiful summer day in Viridian Forest. You came here with your Pokemon to relive old Red-and-Blue memories (And to search for that elusive Pikachu). Suddenly, above the drone of the Beedrill, you hear a noise. It sounds like... a flute? You follow the source of the noise until you see a Nuzleaf, sitting high on a branch and playing his leaf. With an agile leap, he lands in front of you. He winks, then darts away, playing his catchy little tune all the while.

You dash after him, dodging newbie Bug Catchers, until the Nuzleaf comes to a halt in front of a fifteen-year-old girl. She has shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. What's strangest about her is her attire, though - it looks like it's based after an Ampharos, with a hat to match, but it's blue instead of yellow. The Nuzleaf hops on to her shoulder as she peers at you from behind a small pair of glasses (which don't appear to have any glass in them - just the frames).

"Chester, what have I told you about annoying Pokemon trainers?" She scolds, though jokingly. Then she catches sight of the eggs you've been carrying around, trying to hatch, surprised. "Oi, you're a GPX+ user, aren't you? Well of course you are!" She gestures to a wagon behind her pulled by an Ampharos - it's filled with colorful Pokemon eggs as well. "Mind doing me a little favor?"


What's up, old sports? Laz here, your Fellow Flaaffy Farmer. (Dragonap @ DeviantArt, in case you were wondering)

Current Ampharos count: 42/24

Non Very-Rare/Novelty Eggs left to obtain:
Unown, Ditto ...?

Desole, ma francais es terrible...
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