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Journal last updated: Wednesday, December 14th 2011 at 6:59 PM
Add me to your pal pad for multiple full party clicks daily. I'll always click the people that add me regardless if you click me or not. Adding me is a free way to get clicks daily. I'll always give the correct berry unless it is foggy. Then I may give the wrong one... D:

IF YOU WANT ME TO RETURN ADD YOU FOR SOCIAL NETWORK, PM ME AND I WILL DO SO! Please note that if you go for a long time without clicking my Pokemon, I'll remove you to give others who are actually active a chance to get it.

Shiny Pokemon:
Magnimite x1 egg
Raticate(Ratatta) x27 eggs
Shieldon x1 egg
Zoura x11 eggs
Poochyenna x121 eggs

SN PP friends: Jade, Chandelure, Sh0rty

Kiitos napsautuksia!
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