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 Laughing Octopus

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Journal last updated: Monday, October 4th 2010 at 3:23 PM
Name: Sarah
Age: 24
Location: Minnesota (US)
Nature: Lonely

Currently breeding Mantyke eggs, because they're adorable, and stingrays are about the most awesome animal ever. <3

My goal here is to obtain as many Pokemon types as possible! So even if I get stuck with a lame Pokemon that hatches, I'll still raise it to the highest evolution, before putting it in my PC. :3

If you have to one click, please click my Dratini. Lots of experience needed for that one~!

For anyone reading this, I'll just kindly ask that you please click Caiwin (seeing as she's my younger sister), AnneMarie[/b> (my other younger sister, [b]Jackface (my brother), and Raging Raven (my BFF/loverrrr/whatever :3). Both can be found on my Pal Pad. But I'll add anyone to my Pal Pad, that adds me.

But yes, as far as clicking goes, I click back the full party of everyone who clicks me, and because of snazzy new updates, I'll check back to see if you have new Pokemon/eggs. Even if you're a one-clicker, because every click helps...and it helps whatever Pokemon is in the Walker. :)

I USUALLY feed the Pokemon the right berries about 99% of the time, but every once in a while I space out and give them the wrong berry. Also, I MIGHT occasionally space out and miss a Pokemon or egg. Just know that it's not intentional. >.>

Oh hey, I still have space left! Uh...I like writing, video games (obviously), roleplaying, music, and geography. My favorite TV shows are House, Dollhouse, Project Runway, and trashy reality shows. My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails (and others, but no space).

My favorite Pokemon is Magikarp, who is somewhat of an inspirational figure to me. Because if something as pathetic as a Magikarp can evolve into something awesome as Gyarados, so can I. Er...be awesome, I mean. Not a Gyarados. xD
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